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Couple Money Podcast

Oct 22, 2017

Not sure how to get your kids to understand budgets without boring them? Learn how a trip to the zoo gave our six-year-old a (fun) crash course on money! 

Oct 13, 2017

Think you can avoid money fights by not talking about it? Learn and use these conversation starters to develop financial intimacy, get on the same page with money, and have an extraordinary marriage! 


Financial Intimacy and Marriage

Normally people associate intimacy with physical or emotional, but a long-lasting...

Oct 6, 2017

Want to retire early, but your spouse isn't ready? Learn how Jamila and her husband got on the same page with financial independence and saved over $80,000 last year! 

Getting on the Same Page with Financial Independence

You're making a good income, but... you're not getting anywhere. It's frustrating.

Somehow, though,...