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Couple Money Podcast

May 31, 2018

Looking to kick things up a notch? Learn how you can have fun this summer and still save some serious money! 

Summer Saving Fun

I'm so ready for summer!

The tricky part of summer, especially if you have little ones, is making sure you don't go broke while still having fun.

So to wrap up this season, I challenged myself....

May 24, 2018

Want to help your kid graduate college debt free? Learn the strategy and tactics one mom used to snag her son $700,000 in scholarships! 

The Scholarship Shark

College is expensive.

I don't think that's news to you, but did you know that graduates in the class of 2017 are on average carrying student loan debt of just...

May 17, 2018

Do you two have a couple of dreams you'd love to get started on but right now the money isn't working? Today we're going to discuss how to pursue your dreams without going broke!

Working Together to Pursue Your Dreams

Real life isn't that smooth.
There are a dozen and more ways things can go sideways with the business....

May 11, 2018

Want to become debt free, but you haven't figured out how to do it together? Here's what you need to know to knock out your debt faster! 

Debt Free Together

I've yet to meet a couple who became debt free by accident.
I mean it's kind of easy to slip into credit card debt or take on loans because that's considered...

May 3, 2018

Want to stop living paycheck to paycheck, but not sure where to start? Learn how to create a budget together so you can have fun now and some savings later! 

Create a Budget You Both Love

How do you feel about your budget?

Be honest.

Chances are you're not exactly thrilled about it.

A survey conducted by Experian found...