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Couple Money Podcast

Feb 28, 2019

Learn how you can prepare and save for the costs of retirement!

How Much Do We Need to Save for Retirement?

If you’ve used those free online calculator to find your retirement number, you probably were amazed at how much they say you need.

A million, two million, maybe more for just one of you.

How do you feel when...

Feb 21, 2019

Today I’m answering your biggest tax questions. We’re doing a quick and easy take covering what you need to know this year when you file, how to maximize your refund, and set yourselves up with your finances for next year!

How to Maximize Your Tax Refunds with Credit and Deductions

There are some people in this...

Feb 14, 2019

Can you have nice things when you're paying off debt? What millionaire habits can you pick up today? Personal finance author and money expert Anthony O'Neal shares his tips and thoughts!

Busting Common Money Myths


Many times we mismanage our money because we’ve developed ideas and habits that are harmful...

Feb 6, 2019

Think your home is an investment? For most people, it's not. 

Learn how to rethink real estate so you can build your wealth and become financially independent!

Buying a house is usually the biggest purchase we make.

Right now in the United States, the median price of homes that sold is $225,900.

For those living in...