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Couple Money Podcast

Sep 26, 2018

We open up the community mailbag again and answer your biggest marriage and money questions. Today we're discussing how to build your credit and raise your score, winning your spouse over with finances, and how to do a money date! 

Raise Your Credit Score, Money Dates, and More

Today’s episode is kind of brought...

Sep 19, 2018

Are you two frustrated because you're financial opposites? Learn strategies and conversation starters so you can get on the same page and win with money! 

When Financial Opposites Attract

Money fights are an incredible source of stress with marriage when left unchecked.

it doesn't have to be that way.

There are couples...

Sep 12, 2018

Want your kids to leave the house money savvy? Learn easy techniques and ways on how to teach your children how to save and invest like a pro!

Teaching Kids to Save and Invest

Do you remember how you handled money growing up?

I can’t recall when I got my allowance, but I remember being in second or third grade going...

Sep 5, 2018

Dream of quitting your job, but worried about your finances? Learn how one couple saved 70% of their income, quit their jobs, and pursued their dreams of financial freedom!

Quitting $250K Jobs to Travel the Country Together

September is here which means this week we're nailing down what we like to do before 2018 closes...