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Looking to get off the treadmill and finally dump your debt? Learn how you can set your money to win and reach your goals faster! 


Have you ever been frustrated with your money? I know when we were first starting out, there were times where I felt like we knew where we wanted to go, but we weren't making the progress we hoped for.

Or maybe you're looking at that big pile of debt and it looks like it's impossible to tackle with the income you have.

Perhaps you'd love to retire early, but it's such a far off goal. 

Live Save Spend Repeat

Kim Anderson has been there. She's the creator of Thrifty Little Mom and the author of Live Save Spend Repeat.

She and her husband Cressel have been tackling some big dreams, including living a debt free life.

In this episode we get into:

  • Why Kim prefers  cash over credit
  • the changes needed to pay off $90k in 2 years
  • why and how she and her husband are creating the life they want

Hope you enjoy! 

Resources to Simplify Your Finances and Dump Your Debt

Tired of being in debt? Here are some resources to help you dump it.

Free 5 Days to $5K Course

I’m offering a free email course to help you boost your income. It’s called 5 Days to $5K. It’s launching Monday and it will walk you through how to save, find, and make more money. 
Hopefully, you can use that money to pay down debt, grow that emergency fund, or maybe have it launch your own side hustle. 

You can sign up here!

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This self-paced course is designed to help you get on the same page with money, dump your debt faster, and build wealth as a team.


Music Credit

Like the music in this episode? Our theme song is by Gentle Regime. Additional music by Lee Rosevere and Logan from Music for Makers in this episode.

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Want to make extra money to help you pay down debt or explore a new career? Chris Guillbeau shares how to launch a profitable side hustle in 27 days!

Give Yourselves Margin with a Side Hustle

One of the biggest objections to not saving or paying down debt I keep hearing is 
“We don’t have any extra cash.”
Makes sense. If you don’t have any extra cash, it’s hard to pay down that debt or build and emergency fund.
Typically there are few ways you can save money on your expenses or negotiate better deals with certain bills like cable or insurance. 
But sometimes it's not just a spending issue. 
It's an earning one. 
After spending 40 hours or so working,  you're not necessarily looking to take a second job and being tied down to another fixed schedule for so-so pay.  
So is there a way for you to earn more on the side? Perhaps tapping into one of your talents? 
And what if that income stream can give you margin or a buffer so you can finally grow your emergency fund, knock out some of that debt, and maybe explore a new career? How would you feel then?
Excited? Thrilled? Ready to go? Or are you a bit skeptical and tired of the hype you see online about side hustles? 
Let's be real. If it was really that easy to drum up such an income stream, then most people would be all over that. 
However, that doesn't mean it's not doable. It means you have to be smart about the time you invest when launching. 
Chris Guillbeau, author of Side Hustle from Idea to Income in 27 Days, is here to share his expertise and story. 
In this episode we get into:
  • why a side hustle can be a wonderful option
  • how you can start one in less than a month
  • why and how a sustainable side hustle can also build your legacy

Hope you enjoy! 


Debt can be an enormous burden for many couples. Learn how you two can work together and get the resources you need to deal with depression and debt. 


This episode is part of the Suicide Prevention Awareness Month blog and now podcast tour in partnership with Debt Drop.

This is a heavier than normal topic, but I'm afraid too many people and couples suffer in silence. My focus today is giving you some jumping points and ideas.

You two can then discuss them and work out what's best for you.

I want to clear upfront - I've never had to deal with depression and debt, but I've dealt with both.

I remember clearly the anxiety and stress I had over debt.  Sleepless nights trying to figure which bill to pay with a limited income.

I've had periods in my life where depression robbed me of joy.  There was no specific trigger, but it was a win to get out of bed some days.

That said - I am not a medical professional.

I just want to share some encouragement and tips that have helped me and others. 

Resources to Fight Debt and Depression

If you two are looking for resources to not only knock down your debt but take care of yourselves, here some to check out: 


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Millions of Americans want to start a business, but where do you begin? Entrepreneur and start up co-founder Will DeShazo shares how you can find the right gig along with balancing marriage and entrepreneurship!


Finding Balance with Marriage and Entrepreneurship

We've had a quite a few shows about being a happily married entrepreneur I've been sharing my ups and downs working from home.

I've also interviewed couples who are running a business together like Justin and Rebekah Rhodes with Abundant Permaculture, couples who ventured on their own career paths like LaTisha Styles who explained how she and her husband successfully support each other.

And hearing them, you get this sense that's they're well-oiled machines. Things working out.

But what about that beginning stage?

How does a side hustle fit in with your current job and your marriage?

In this special episode Millennovator co-founder Will DeShazo and I discuss:

  • how you can start earning some cash while exploring career options
  •  the framework that will help you find the right gig
  • opportunities for you to give yourself a raise at your current position using a side hustle

Hope you enjoy!

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Resources for Entrepreneurs

Want to become an entrepreneur? Here are some more resources to check out!

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