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Want to help your kid graduate college debt free? Learn the strategy and tactics one mom used to snag her son $700,000 in scholarships! 

The Scholarship Shark

College is expensive.

I don't think that's news to you, but did you know that graduates in the class of 2017 are on average carrying student loan debt of just over $39,400?
And that the student loan delinquency rate of 11.2%?

If you're a parent, you're probably worried about how that can affect your child's financial future.

You need to hunt down as many scholarships as you can.

That's why I'm grateful Pam Andrews is here on the show. She's not only the College Admissions Coach and Scholarship Strategist behind The Scholarship Shark, she's a mom.

A mom who managed to help her son snag $700,000 in scholarships.


So if you are interested in helping you kid minimize or skip those student loans, you'll want to really pay attention to this episode.

Today Pam and I discuss:

  • how they worked together to find which schools to apply to
  • the strategy of getting scholarships
  • out of the box ways to make college affordable

Hope you enjoy!

Tips on Paying for College

If you two are looking to help your kid skip out on student loans, here are some resources to help you save up.

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