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Need to reset your money? Learn how to do some spring cleaning with your finances to start building momentum with your biggest goals!

For some reason, I like to use April is a sort of reminder to review our financial progress. Maybe because of the deadline for taxes.

Or maybe it’s because it’s financial literacy month.

Anyways, during April I’ll poke around all our accounts, including investments to make sure we’re moving in the right direction.

I’ll also review our goals for the year and see if we need to adjust anything.

If you’ve signed up for the community newsletter you got a look at a few of our goals for this year.

We’re looking to:

  • Make a dent on our mortgage with extra payments
  • Have enough saved up to replace a car
  • And for me, I’m working on getting in shape to tackle a 5k obstacle course

And if you haven’t, go ahead and take a little extra time checking your goals and numbers.

Things can be going smoothly, which is awesome.

But it’s not – like you’re behind on a goal or you two can’t seem to make any headway on something, this episode is for you.

We’re going to look at how you can reset things, do some financial spring cleaning, and build up some momentum.

In this episode we get into:

  • Why finances are a lot like fitness
  • Best resources to get on the same page as a couple and
  • How to start paying off debt faster, saving more, and creating your own path to financial freedom and independence

Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Stay on Top of Your Money

Want to learn more about getting a redo on your money? Here are some resources to check out:

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