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Are you two dealing with a ton of debt? Hear how Brian and his wife have managed to pay off $100,000 in debt while raising their three kids!

How to Pay Off a Ton of Debt Together

After all the prep, sweat, and tears, the first episode of the Couple Money Podcast is up!

For the premiere show, it’s all about debt, specifically getting out of debt faster and getting rid of massive amounts of debt.

The guest on today’s episode is Brian from Debt Discipline. He and his wife have managed to pay off $100,000 in debt while raising their three kids.

In this episode, we get into:

  • how they accumulated their debt
  • what immediate steps they needed to take to free up money in their budget
  • how they worked as a team to pay it all off

Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Become Debt Free Together

Tired of being in debt? Here are some resources to help you dump it.


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