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Tired of your debt restricting your options? Learn how Claudia & Garrett from Two Cup House dumped $200k in two years by simplifying their lives and moving into a tiny house!

Achieving Financial Freedom By Dumping Debt

Whenever I hear neighbors, friends, and family talk about their debt, there are a couple of reactions.

Some are frustrated being trapped with certain things because of debt. Maybe they'd love to switch jobs to start a new career, but can't because they got bills to pay.

Others kind of throw up their hands, accept debt as a part of life. “You'll always have a mortgage.”

And then there's this third group. They're are sick and tired, but they are ready to do something. That's where Claudia and Garrett were two years ago.

On April 7, 2015 the Penningtons started the journey lead them to eliminate all their debt last month.

The grand total? Just over $200,000!

Simplifying Finances and Lives 

You've probably seen tiny homes in magazines, online, or maybe on TV (thank you HGTV!). Those small spaces are popular for some couples.

For one, less space typically means less house to maintain. Right now the median size of size home over in the Northeast, where the Penningtons live, is about 2300sq ft.

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