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oday we’re answering your marriage and money questions – choosing financial goals, raising credit scores, and how to start an emergency funds!

Answering Your Marriage and Money Questions

Welcome to another community mailbag episode, where we tackle your marriage and money questions. And we have some great ones today.

These past two years have been challenging for many in our community because of the uncertainty. For some couples, the big goal is to get back to their financial goals because they've hit the pause button for a while. Not getting any worse with their finances, but not making the progress that they want to.

Today, we're going to focus on how to get back on track by honing in on key goals to tackle this year.

We also have some couples looking forward to buying a house in the near future so something that they want to do now is to raise their credit scores to hopefully qualify for uh, competitive mortgage rate.

Finally one lesson that's really sunk in these days is the importance of having a financial cushion. The first step with that is getting a starter emergency fund up. How do you jumpstart that process?

We have so much to cover today. So let's get started!

Resources to Win with Your Money

Want to go ahead and tackle your big marriage and money goals? Here are the resources we mentioned in today's episode along with some extras!

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