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Want to retire early, but your spouse isn't ready? Learn how Jamila and her husband got on the same page with financial independence and saved over $80,000 last year! 

Getting on the Same Page with Financial Independence

Wouldn't it be fantastic if the two of you were instantly on the same page with your finances?

Even though we’re at a place where we’re on the same page with major goals, there’s still times where we have to sit down and figure out the details about how to go about. We try to find solutions that we’re both happy with. 

It could be one of persuading the other or it could be putting together a third option. In other words, don’t be surprised when two of you aren’t instantly on the same wavelength. 

I believe that’s a strength with marriage – you two are seeing and testing ideas out from different perspectives. 

That’s why I really connected with what Jamila said at the top of the show. You can sometimes be enthusiastic about tackling your debt, saving more, or investing towards retirement and your spouse….ehh..not much. 

Since you’re in this together, how do you get your spouse on board, especially when it's a huge shift with your finances? 

That’s why I’m excited to share from the archives an interview I had with Journey to Launch creator Jamilia Souffrant since she’s been down this path. She has gotten her husband on board with drastically increasing their savings so they could pursue financial freedom and independence.

In this episode, we get into:

  • how she and her husband first handled their money and paid down debt
  • discovering financial independence and winning him over
  • how they work together with money and created a system that respects both their styles

Hope you enjoy! 

Handy Resources for FI Couples

If you’re looking to get ahead with your finances as a family, here are more resources to check out!

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