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Want to pay off your mortgage early, but don't know how? Learn how you can find the money so you can own your home free and clear!

Pay Your Mortgage Off Early?

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be rid of your mortgage payment to own your house free and clear? 


Even though we got a really good deal on her place, I would love to not see that huge chunk of money leave our accounts every month.


Right now, we’re on a plan to knock out our mortgage early and we’re excited about the process. Of course, this isn’t an overnight thing, so something what’s been motivating and encouraging is listening to others share how it felt to get rid of that debt.

I think that's going to be the frustrating piece for everybody. Who's thinking they're gonna pay off their mortgage early. That there's going to be some big parties,

Guess I’ll just send that payment online and celebrate at home, noted. 

By the way, that’s Steve Stewart. He’s the talented editor behind some of fantastic podcasts like Stacking Benjamins, ChooseFI, and Financial Grownup. 

A few years ago, Steve and his wife went to their lender with cash and paid off their mortgage.

Today, we’re pulling from the archive my chat with Steve about hitting that huge milestone. 

In this episode, we’ll get into:

  • Why Steve and his wife chose to focus on paying off their mortgage
  • Building momentum and payments
  • How you can create a mortgage free plan that fits your goals and budget

Are you ready? Let’s get started! 

Resources to Dump Your Mortgage Faster

If you’re looking to dig in deeper on mortgages, here are some resources to check out:

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