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Today we’ll go over how you can set up your finances so you’ll have more options and time for the things people and projects you love!  

Pursuing Financial Independence on Your Terms

As a kid one of my favorite genres of books to read was those choose your own adventure stories. Remember those?

You always began the same, but based on the choices you made, you could find buried treasure. Or your plane crashes. (Wait, not sure that was a thing in a kids book. Anyways…)

Fast forward and now my absolute favorite type of video games to play are RPGs. Why?

Because you have room to craft out your own adventures.

Guess some things don't change.

What does this have to do with financial independence? Glad you asked!

I feel like financial independence is just like those books and games – you decide on how you're going to go through it.

You have flexibility to make it fit you and your family.

But it doesn't always feel that way.

There's this narrative that gets pushed that there's a certain way to FI. Specifically as fast as possible.

If you've been turned off by that segment of FI or you want to have more flexibility with your plan, I think you'll enjoy today's episode.


And to help me out is Diania Merriam. She's the founder of EconMe who knows firsthand the joys of and challenges of carving out your own FI path.

In this episode, we're jumping into:

  • how Diania paid off $30k of debt and jump started her FI path
  • how FI opened up options and allowed her to take risks
  • how you can create a plan that fits your and your family

Are you ready? Let's get started!

Resources to Craft Your FI Path

If you're looking to get ahead with your finances as a family, here are some resources to check out!

Want to be a part of EconMe this year? Sign up for your ticket!

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