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It's June. The year is halfway over. Now is the perfect time to hit pause and do a midyear review to see how you're progressing with your goals and make sure that your accounts are moving in the right direction!

Why Financial Reviews Matter

While we automate much of our finances, especially the tedious parts. It really does pay to have these times where you sit down. In review the numbers. And having a financial checkup mid year is a fantastic opportunity. Not just to look at your day to day accounts, like your checking and savings but your investments.

Having these more in-depth conversations. Can be beneficial to both your marriage and finances.

For us, this is an opportunity to hit pause and to really sit down and talk.

I don't know how this year has gone for you but it really has flown by for us. In overall, it has been good, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been some struggles and challenges that we face.

Second, it gives us a chance to talk about what's been working and what's not working with our family finances.

Life comes up and maybe we had to shift some things for a month or two. This is a pause where we can see. Is this a trend that we should start planning for, or is this. A one-time deal? Knowing that ahead of time can relieve the stress going forward.

Finally, it's a great reminder to reflect on the big picture. What are we really working towards and how are we aligned towards that? And yes, it does involve looking at the finances, but also schedule wise work choices that we make. Time with the girls, all these things are connected to each other.

Having a set period where we can reflect on that big picture is a huge help.

This past year and a half can be especially challenging for families as we are navigating through this unprecedented time.

Which is why I'm glad Kevin Matthews is a part of this episode. He's a former financial advisor and a number one bestselling author. He just had a new book from Burning the Blueprint that's out that you should definitely grab.

Today, we're going to be talking about that connection between your family and financial goals and making sure that your investments are moving in the right direction.

In this episode, we'll get into:

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  • why investing matters and how you can come up with a plan that reflects your goals
  • how to do a financial review for your investments?
  • making sure that they're aligned with your priorities and goals.

Are you ready? Let's get started!

Resources to Stay on Top of Your Money 

If you’re looking to build up your finances, here are some handy resources we mentioned in the episode plus more! 

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