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How well is your money working for you? Today we’re looking at how personal finance can be more holistic and reflective of what most to you through financial wellness!

Financial Wellness: A Holistic Approach to Money

How did this year go for you? 

I have not met one person yet who has had it go as they expected. 

Even if you were financially prepared – emergency fund, debts are paid off are in the process of being knocked out, things shifted.

As I talked about in the last episode, we had expenses like transportation, travel, and eating out drop to pretty much zero or drastically cut while others like family entertainment and charitable increased. 

A big reason why is that our finances – to a degree – reflect what’s going on in our lives and our priorities. 

This is not exclusive to 2020. 

However, I’ve been hearing from so many people here in the community and in my personal circle about how they took a step back and reviewed their finances. 

They looked beyond the numbers and had some conversations about where they really want their money to go. 

They’re looking at the next year when hopefully things will shift back at some pace to ‘more normal. 

I was just discussing with a friend how having to stay at home more and in a sense slow down from her regular routine with the family gave her a chance to weed out unnecessary things. That, in turn, is fueling her plans for 2021 and beyond. 

Maybe you’re at the point too. 


That’s why I’m looking forward to today’s show. We’re wrapping up this year with how you can set up your finances more holistically and make it more reflective of your family.  

Jason Vitug is here to help me out. He is the founder of Phroogal and financial wellness expert empowering a generation to live their dream life through financial knowledge. Jason’s also the author of the best selling book, You Only Live Once. 

In this episode, we’ll get into: 

  • Why tracking your numbers is so powerful
  • Why financial wellness matters
  • How to start planning for a richer life beyond the numbers

Ready? Let’s get started! 

Resources to Make Money Less Stressful

If you’re overwhelmed and looking to smooth out your money system so you can focus on the big wins, here are some helpful resources to check out!

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Key Takeaways

Before we wrap up, I want to focus on a few key takeaways I got from preparing this episode.

  • The real power of tracking your money is not in the amounts, but the awareness. 
  • A rich life includes financial wellness. 
  • Budgets should reflect YOUR priorities and values. 

I know switching can seem to be a bit tricky. If you have any questions or are stuck, please come chat with us and our Thriving Families Facebook group.

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