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We’ve brought back the reader mailbag. Today we’re answering your questions about marriage and money! 

Reader Mailbag

One of my favorite parts of Couple Money is the community. Having you be a part of this has definitely made the work more enjoyable.

Whenever I hear from you about what you’re working on, questions you have, or ideas you think will be helpful, I’m happy.  

When I started Couple Money 11 years ago, it was basically a journal of us and our journey of paying off debt.

Then you came in and other couples sharing your stories and it’s really been a blast. 

So today’s episode will be a bit of fun, I’m answering the most popular questions I’ve received this year along with one covering a new topic I haven’t really got into before. 

In this episode, we’re answering your questions such as: 

  • How our spending has shifted this year with everything going on
  • Quick way to figure out how much you need to retire
  • How defined benefit plans work 

Ready? Let’s get started! 

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