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Today we’ll go over how the two of you can boost your savings rate while still enjoying some fun now! 

Why Your Savings Rate Matters

Last week we talked about three key numbers to track and master your money and one of them was your savings rate

How much you save on your income can have an incredible impact on how fast you reach your big financial goals.

Here’s the thing, though, unless you have a stash of cash under in house or an inheritance coming up soon, that money is probably coming out of your budget.

So how do you become a super saver without deprivation? Can you boost your savings rate and still have some fun? 

I believe you can find that balance, but you need a plan and a system to set things up. 

This is why I’m glad Joe Mecca from Coastal Credit Union is back. He’s the quintessential saver and today he’s sharing how he’s grown his savings while still having some fun. 

In this episode, we’ll dig into:

  • Finding out your current savings rate
  • Tax-advantaged ways to save more to give you a double win
  • path to notching up your savings 

Let’s get started!

Handy Tools to Increase Your Savings Rate

If you’re looking to get ahead with your finances as a family, here are key resources to check out!

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Key Takeaways on Growing Your Savings Rate

Before we wrap up, I want to focus on a few key takeaways I got from preparing this episode. 

  • Start as early as possible. Don’t worry about being about to sock away 20, 30, 40% of your income. Joe said it was closer to 3-5%, which is about where we began. 
  • Pay yourself first. Automating those transfers makes it easier on you and you’re more likely to stay on target. 
  • Minimize lifestyle inflation. Take any raises, bonuses, windfalls, or tax refunds and set aside a portion of that to go towards savings. You can still enjoy some fun now and save more, without missing that money. 

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