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Debt can be a huge weight on any couple’s budget. We cover three major ways you can start paying it off faster. We also get into how to open up if you’re carrying debt and haven’t told your spouse!

Getting Back To Dumping Debt

As if the pandemic isn’t enough stress, millions of families have to deal with the financial fallout. 

And If you’ve had to deal with job loss, reduced hours at work, or uncertainty at your job about its stability, these past few months you’re hyper aware of your cash flow. 

And because of that, any debt that you carry (maybe with the exception of federal student loans) feels like it has a bigger impact than normal. 

During our mini-series about financially dealing with the coronavirus, we discussed that building up that financial cushion is key. 

And hopefully, things have stabilized somewhat and you have those savings available should you need it. 

However you may be wondering is there a way to get some breathing room and knock out some debt before the year wraps up. 


I think you’ll enjoy today’s show then! 

In this episode we’ll get into:

  • A system to pay your debt off
  • ways to you can start paying it off faster
  • how to open up if you’re carrying debt and haven’t told your spouse

Let’s get started!

Resources to Dump Your Debt Together

If you two are ready to pay off your debt, here are some handy resources to check out:

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