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Merging finances is more than combining bank accounts. It’s working together with the good, bad, and awkward, including dealing with debt.

Today we’re discussing the legalities of who’s responsible for what, credit scores, and how to dump debt together!

Marriage and Debt

Marriage is about two lives coming together. It can be a wonderful feeling to know you have someone to watch your back through thick and thin. 

Part of coming together is dealing with your finances together and for many couples debt is a chunk of it.

Between credits cards, car and student loans, and maybe a mortgage, the two of you could be starting your marriage in the negative

As a couple you know paying down is the way to go, but you have other concerns on your mind. If one or both of you come in with debt, who’s legally responsible? 

What about the debt you take on after you’re married? What if you two have drastically different credit scores? How will that affect plans that you have – perhaps buying a house down the line? 

Which is why I’m happy Leslie Tayne is here today. Leslie is an attorney who specializes in debt resolution. With almost twenty years of experience, she helps clients get debt relief and resolution. 

She’s sharing her expertise on how debt can affect your finances and marriage.


In this episode we’ll get into:

  • Who’s responsible for what legally when it comes to debt
  • Dealing with common situations that can come up when one spouse has a higher credit score than the other
  • Ways to talk about debt and work as a team to get rid of it.

Let’s get started! 

Resources to Dump Your Debt Together

If you two are ready to pay off your debt, here are some handy resources to check out:

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