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Getting on the same page with finances can be tricky. Learn how you can communicate better with your spouse about money and more!

Why We Fight About Money

No one wants to have money be this source of stress in their lives, not in a strictly financial sense where you’re worried about the bills and definitely not in your marriage. 

And yet, it is usually listed as one of the top reasons spouses have fights

And if you have debt? It’s even more of an issue. In one study, with couples who carried debt, they found that 48% of those with over $50,000 of debt listed money as stress point compared to 23% of those with less than $10,000.

It makes sense, right – if you have the more debt you have, the more your current income is tied up to pay it. 

So then couples usually want to come up with some plan to pay off their debt, but they hit a wall when it comes to making and executing that plan. There’s too much tension and blame to get things rolling. 

But if you’ve listened to this for a while, you’ve heard stories of couples who have overcome some huge issues like massive amounts of debt, being hit with financial infidelity, or being on the brink of bankruptcy yet they managed to come out stronger paying off massive amounts of debt.

How do you get there though? 

Through better conversations about money and more. It’s not easy to get started so today Traci Philips is going to share how we can better communicate. 


As a Leadership & Performance Strategist, Traci assists her clients in identifying core challenges with her unique strengths in translating both verbal and non-verbal language. 

Into this episode, we get into:

  • Better Understanding Where Our Spouse is Coming from with Money
  • Common mistakes couples make when talking about money
  • How to work through disagreements to diffuse a potential money fight

Let’s get started! 

Resources on Marriage Fights & Finances

Want to learn more and become more productive with your money dates? Here are some resources to check out:

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