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Learn how you can talk to your parents about money, their retirement, and beyond with less stress!

Helping Your Parents Prepare for Retirement and Beyond

Learn how you can talk to your parents about money, their retirement, and beyond with less stress! #family #money #podcast

We talk about how to discuss money as a couple and make those conversations less stressful. And I hope you two feel more relaxed when you’re talking about your goals and finances.

I also know that just because you two can talk about money, doesn’t mean that you’re cool with those money chats with everyone.

Especially when it comes to your parents.

My mom is getting closer to retirement I want to make sure that she’s in a good spot. Healthwise things look alright, but I also know that’s not given.

We’ve other relatives have some significant health issues, including dementia and injury and it does make us wonder, how prepared are we to make sure our parents are taken care of?

It’s easy to put it off, but do we really want to?

So how do you start those conversations? How do you prepare for when you need to step in and help out your parents?

Journalist and personal finance author Cameron Huddleston had to deal with it firsthand when helping her mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Her latest book is Mom and Dad: We Need to Talk is a fantastic guide on how to come together as a family now so down the line, everyone is on the same page.

So I’m we have her on today.

We also have financial advisor Jonah Kaufman sharing his take as he’s had to help families navigate through these delicate conversations.

In this episode we’ll discuss:

  • Why you don’t want to wait to talk to your parents about money
  • Key conversations you should have and how to get started with them
  • Crucial documents that will protect your parents and their wishes

Let’s get started!

Resources for Parents and Retirement

Here are some fantastic resources to help you two get more comfortable talking about retirement and more with your parents.

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