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How do you feel about managing money? Is it something you enjoy doing or do you see paying the bills, knocking out debt, saving for your future, etc. a bit much?

When we were first married it was honestly a little overwhelming. We had the bills to pay, a car loan, and eventually student loans that were going to come due. 

The idea of getting a financial system seemed complicated.

The good news is it wasn’t.

With a little organization so we had our acct info in front of us. It was a one evening thing. 

And it’s made a huge difference for us. 

We’ve paid off over $30,000 of debt, bought our cars with cash, started investing for retirement, and giving more.

Through the years, we’ve had to take a step back to help out loved ones and deal with our family. With two little ones as our priority, we sometimes have put money conversations on the back burner.

The automated system allowed us to still take care of the essentials and not miss a beat. 

But I also know that the idea of setting up a system sounds like a ton of work.

Truth is the initial set up typically isn’t as difficult as you think and the benefits are more than just the money. 

To make this easier we’re going over: 

  • Peek into Our System so You Have a Real Life Example
  • Setting Up Your Financial System
  • Tools and Apps to Make it Easier to Set up and Track Your Money

I hope you enjoy! 

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Resources to Stay on Top of Your Money

Here are some resources to make managing your money much easier!

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