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Today we’re talking about how you two can really review the big picture and make sure you hit YOUR big money goals!

Financial Check-ups  

The first half of this year is about over, so how are you guys doing right now?

It’s funny how time seems to speed up and slow down.

Looking back we have had some big ups and downs in the past four or so weeks, both financially and in our lives.

Last month our adorable cat had some seisures and other issues and in a span of week – if that – he went from sick to passing away.

It was so fast, the vets were trying to figure out what happened.

And because a few issues, we just got his remains last week and paid his final expenses.

Thankfully we have savings, but between emergency hospital exam, tests, and his vet visits, it definitely was pricey.

Besides that weight, we had good things to celebrate.

We were invited to two baby showers and then last weekend we went to two graduation parties. And of course, they are bunched together.

But that’s life, right?

At least for us.

And I find it so easy to let certain things slip by because there are more pressing or immediate things happening.

The danger is by focusing only on the thing right in front of you, that you miss important stuff. 
I don’t think money is the most important thing. I do however realize that much of our day to day and long term goals need us to be on top on our finances.

We should have a game plan for our money and a system that allows us to put in place so when things come up – and they will- our finances keep chugging along.

Which is why I’m so glad Cathrine Bryant is joining in today’s episode.

She’s a financial advisor at Coastal Wealth Management.

In this episode we’ll discuss:

  • Getting a financial snapshot and prioritizing which goal or two is your focus
  • Setting up a system to both track your money and getting into a habit of money dates
  • Finding a financial planner when you need a check-up with a professional

Let’s get started!

Resources to Stay on Top of Your Money

Want some help staying on top of your money? Here are some resources to make managing your money much easier!

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