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Today we’re going to see how you can prepare your finances so you can buy a house without going broke!

Things are about to get hectic around here.

We just heard from our neighbor that the developer is going to start building the townhouses across the street from us starting next week.

Buying a House – Always a Smart Move?

Here in Raleigh if there’s a sliver of land, they’ll develop it.

It’s a hot market right now and homes are going up at a rapid pace.

Our property value has been rising since we bought our house three years ago.

We’ve received mail from realtors and have seen upticks with estimates from real estate sites like Realtor, Zillow, and Redfin.

We take these estimates with a grain of salt, but they are a reflection of the home value growing.

Seeing this growth you might think we’re firmly in the camp of every one needs to buy a house.

But we’re not.

And here’s the kicker – not every couple benefits from becoming a home owner.

In this episode we get into:

  • how to know if buying a home is right for you
  • real and total costs of home ownership
  • how to figure out how much you can afford so you can buy a house and still pursue financial independence

Hope you enjoy!

Resources on Buying a House

If you’re looking to buy, here are some resources to help you find an affordable place you love!

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