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Today I’m answering your biggest tax questions. We’re doing a quick and easy take covering what you need to know this year when you file, how to maximize your refund, and set yourselves up with your finances for next year!

How to Maximize Your Tax Refunds with Credit and Deductions

There are some people in this world who are giddy right now because it’s tax season.

Yeah, this is like the SuperBowl for some money nerds.

And while I admit to being a number cruncher at times, I have to say taxes aren’t really that exciting for me.

Yep, guilty as charged.

However, I’ve seen how important getting our tax done has been for our finances. Both with planning throughout the year as well as using our refunds to reach our financial goals faster.

And I want you to see taxes in a better, maybe less stressful light so today I’ll tackle the big questions.

Heads up, even though I enjoy covering personal finances, I’m not a tax expert. There will be plenty of resources in today’s show notes for sure.

But this episode I will do my best to break things down and talk like a normal, non-money nerd.

In this episode, we’ll discuss:

  • The difference between tax deductions and credits
  • Major difference we noticed with the new tax law
  • Making the most of your tax refund

Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Tackle Your Taxes

Looking to make taxes less stressful? Here are some of my favorite resources!

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