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Does your family budget feel tight? Learn 3 key ways on how you can save hundreds of dollars each month while raising your kids and still having fun!

Saving More as a Family

I know that financial independence is a buzzword in the personal finance sphere. You got stories where people are saving 60, 70% of and retiring in 5, 10 years.

I commend anyone is who simplifies their lives and removes the needless excess so they can achieve the goal.

What I do see missing in some of these dramatic stories are the numbers, details, and well, relatability.

Saving 70% of a $200k income is an achievement, but so is saving 20% of a $50,000.

And to be helpful to families of different incomes, we need to look at the principles behind and it really comes down to mastering the art of living well on less.

Notice I didn’t say living on less. You do have to spend less than you earn- that’s a core financial principle - but the other is living well.
This is about a financial diet where you deprive yourself just to save more. This is about a lifestyle where you nail what truly matters to you, cut out the noise, and move your money towards your dreams.

Now, before you can pay off your debts, have an emergency fund, or invest for your future you have to have some money, right?

We have to develop our muscle with saving more.

Which is why we have Ansley Fender on today. She’s a Personal Finance Coach and Writer.

Ansley helps people make sense of their money by designing spending plans that align with their goals and lifestyle preferences.

She also understands firsthand what it’s like to accumulate $100,000 in student loan and consumer debt while climbing her way out as a new mom.

In this episode, we get into:

  • How to pursue financial freedom when you want to have a life
  • Ways to have fun as a family without breaking the bank
  • How you can earn some extra cash by doing things you already enjoy

I hope you enjoy!

Resources to Save Money

Want to start boosting your savings rate? Here are some resources to check out:

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