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Today we’re wrapping up the season with how to overcome setbacks and plan for your best year! 

Financial Wins, Overcoming Setbacks, and Planning for Your Best Year

How has this year been treating you? To be honest, things have been a real roller coaster. 

We've made several trips this year to visit loved ones in the hospital, nursing homes, or just to check in on them. 

We've also had a dear friend lose her battle with cancer this past week (hence the delay on the finale). 

I appreciate having this option because I know years ago when we were in debt, this wouldn't have seemed possible. 

It's made me more determined to continue helping families be in a better spot with their money so they can have more options like stepping back.

I hate when money is a source of stress when you have bigger things to think about.

With that in mind, today’s show is focused on how to do a year-end review.

In this episode, we’ll get into:

  • Our progress on our goals for the year and doing a year end revie
  • What to do when you have a set back with finances
  • Why families need to simplify and enjoy

Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Having Your Best Year with Finances

Want to learn more? Here are some resources to check out:

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