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Are you two frustrated because you're financial opposites? Learn strategies and conversation starters so you can get on the same page and win with money! 

When Financial Opposites Attract

Money fights are an incredible source of stress with marriage when left unchecked.

it doesn't have to be that way.

There are couples who have achieved huge goals - like paying off massive amounts of debts, buying their dream home, or travel together by harness the advantages of their differences.

The key is learning how to work together even when they are financial opposites.

I usually don’t do two guests, but I wanted to show how 1 - there are certain principles that can help every couple and 2 - there are times when you have to carve your own path.

Her Money Matters author Jen Hemphill and Zeta CEO and founder Aditi Shekar join the show today.

In this episode we get into:

  • Creating your goals and money take
  • Finding a budget you’re both on board with
  • How to deal with tricky situations - like lending money to family - without straining your marriage or money

Think you’ll hear a lot of familiar stuff and get some new ideas with this episode. Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Combine Your Finances

Here are some resources to dive deep into how you two can work together as a team with your finances. 

We’re going to discuss the ins and outs of merging finances and personalities in our private Facebook group over at Thriving Families. It’s free and fun - please join us!

Zeta: Helping Couples Master Their Money Together

So happy Aditi could join us on this episode. If you two are looking for a customizable solution with your finances, please check out Zeta.

Zeta helps you stay on top of your finances together by helping you understand where your money is going. Track all of your accounts in one easy to use spot.

Stay on the same page about money! Drop memos on specific transactions, add monthly notes to remember what happened, or split spending as needed. Go to Zeta to get more info!

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