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The Debt Free Story Behind Popcorn Finance

One of the first things I ask when you join the community is to share what goal you're tackling. By far, the two biggest goals are dumping debt and having some savings for emergencies.

And that makes sense, seeing as the average household that has credit card debt, has a balance of just under $16,000. The average American under 35 has about $1500 in savings.

That can be a real burden on a marriage. But you two can get out of your financial rut and start making real progress.

My buddy Chris, creator and host of Popcorn Finance is on the show to share his story.

We get into:

  • how Chris and his wife 'K' got into debt
  • the system they use to budget and knock out their debts
  • what's his favorite money app

Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Get on the Same Page with Your Finances

Want to make talking about money less stressful? Here are some fantastic resources to motivate and nudge you to debt freedom faster!

Handy Tools to Save More Money

Here are a few of my favorite tools that make saving money much easier!

Jumpstart Your Marriage and Money Course

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Music Credit

Like the music in this episode? Our theme song is by Gentle Regime. Additional music by Lee Rosevere and Logan from Music for Makers in this episode.


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