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Want to retire early, but your spouse isn't ready? Learn how Jamila and her husband got on the same page with financial independence and saved over $80,000 last year! 

Getting on the Same Page with Financial Independence

You're making a good income, but... you're not getting anywhere. It's frustrating.

Somehow, though, maybe through this podcast, some personal finance sites, or books, you've started running the numbers.

While there would certainly need to be some changes, you can see a path forward. You can get out of debt, save more, and invest towards retirement. Maybe even retire early.

But there's just one problem.

It's not just about you. You're in this with your spouse. And you're not quite sure how to get them on board.

As you heard at the top, today's guest Journey to Launch founder Jamila has been down this path.

In this episode, we get into:

  • how she and her husband first handled their money and paid down debt
  • discovering financial independence and winning him over
  • how they work together with money and created a system that respects both their styles

Hope you enjoy!

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We discuss how they dumped their debt even though they are financial opposites

Working Towards Financial Independence

Special thanks to Jamila. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook and learn more about their journey.

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Music Credit

Like the music in this episode? Our theme song is by Gentle Regime. Additional music by Lee Rosevere and Logan from Music for Makers in this episode.