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Most parents have their hands full and too many times our finances, health, and homes don’t get the attention they should. 

We go over how you can reset your habits so you simplify your finances, home, and lives to enjoy some big wins this year! 

Reworking Your Habits

For multiple reasons, 2020 was a challenging year. 

Even if you weren’t directly affected by the pandemic or managed to avoid the financial fallout of it, chances are you were impacted by what was happening. 

If you’re a parent, you had this gargantuan task of working from home, staying productive, while corralling your kids with their remote learning. 

But we made it here. 

Understandably, you’re probably looking forward to resetting a few things, including your finances.

Peter Polson, the founder of Tiller, is joining me in this episode to discuss how to shift your financial habits and more. 

It may seem these are too small to matter or make a difference, but from our personal experience and learning from others, habits are really the building blocks to pivoting towards your goals, whether it’s with money, at home, or our health. 

In this episode, we’re looking at:

  • Why Habits Are Better Than Relying on Just Willpower
  • Essential Daily Habits to Add Into Your Routine
  • How to Design Your Schedule and Finances Around Who and What Matters Most to You

Ready? Let’s get started! 

Key Resources to Help You Change Your Habits

Looking to reset a few things to get some family and financial wins this year? 

 Here are some fantastic resources to help you! 

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