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Today we’re into how you can shift into your debt-free journey with one question!

Dump Debt Together

It’s on!

All this week the Mamas Talk Money Summit is hosting sessions about family finances, investing, career, and kids. 

My session was out Monday night – Dump Debt Together (When You Can’t Agree How). 

I had a fantastic time! While the session was on, I was live in the chat speaking and answering questions about how to get your spouse on board with knocking out this debt. 

People had some wonderful questions and were kind enough to share their biggest money challenges. 

We got into creating a budget when one spouse has irregular income, secrete debts, and conversation starters for those initial chats about money. 

But I’m not the speaker in this event. There are about 40 amazing mama speakers that are a part of the summit and their sessions cover not only the ‘essential’ goals like paying off debt, saving, and investing but also topics they may not have as much exposure or have accessible resources.

Brynne Conroy is one of the speakers. She’s going to be this Friday as part of the kids and money sessions. 

I’ve had her on the podcast when she released her book, The Feminist Financial Handbook. She’s also the creator of Personal Finance By Women. 

Her session is Managing Your Finances With a Special Needs Child. 

In this episode we’ll look at:

  • Why Brynne’s session is needed
  • One activity you can do to get your spouse on board with becoming debt-free

Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Hit Your Money Goals

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