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Stressed and overwhelmed by debt? Learn how you can rebuild your finances and life. Miss Mazuma shares how she overcame $500k of debt, short sales, and found happiness!  

Rebuild Your Finances

It's the beginning of a new year and while so many right now are all jazzed up about knocking down their debts, saving more, or spending less, that enthusiasm will die down.

And if you still have a huge amount of debt or just a big goal you want to tackle when that happens, you can discourage. And in some cases, understandably depressed.

It's normal.

But what do you then?

How can you stay focused and climb out?

Today's guest, Miss Mazuma, is kind and brave enough to share her story. In this episode we get into:

  • how she got into so much debt,
  • have a look into the painful and frustrating process of a short sale
  • see how she work through this and came to a healthier spot

Her story is both encouraging and real.

If you want to hear from someone else who has dug out from a mountain of debt, please check out my interview with Toni Husbands. She shares how she and her husband got on the same page and paid off over $100,000 of debt.

Resources for Paying Off Debt

Want to learn more? Here are some resources to check out:

If you’d like to chat about your money moves for this year, you can join us in the Thriving Families Facebook community. We're a fun and supportive group.

We swap ideas, questions, stories, advice. When we try to help one another out with our family and financial goals.

We'd love to see you there!


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