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Can’t agree on how to tackle your finances? Learn how you work together on some of your biggest money issues!

Working Through Money Issues Together

Last month, in the newsletter I mentioned that for October I was going to be focused on the theme of r resetting and rebooting your finances so you can hit your goals before 2019 ends.

I’m doing a special mini-series this month on the podcast, but that’s not the only project I’m doing.

I’m also a part of a big event happening next week that follows this idea of pushing through on your financial goals – The Mama Talk Money Summit.

The event is happening next week – October 21st through 25th.

All week during the summit, there will be sessions from over 40 incredibly financially savvy mamas and speakers. We’re talking all about:

  • Family Finance
  • Investing, Retirement & Estate Planning
  • Career & Business
  • Teaching Kids About Money

And much, MUCH more!

So whether you’re trying to knock that credit debt, get some savings stashed away, or are looking to invest for long term goals, this summit will have at least a few sessions that can help you make it happen.

And 2019 Mamas Talk Money Summit is a FREE conference that’s 100% online!

This was an important point for me because I know we’re all at different points in our financial journey, so having it be free to register was one of the reasons I wanted to join in.

The reason I’m bringing this summit up is 1) I think it’s an incredible event and resource and 2) my session is going to be about a specific hurdle that we as couples can sometimes have when we’re trying to improve our finances, such as paying off debt.

In fact, my session is called Dump Debt Together (When You Can’t Agree How).

So you’re all ready to knock debt out, but your spouse….not so much.

I’ll be sharing some ways you can dig into the real reason they’re hesitating and some ways you can use that to come up with a debt-free plan they’d want to join in on.

So if you’d like to grab your free pass, catch that session and more, please just head over here.

So the session will be a deep dive on the topic, but I want to touch on today this idea of trying to get on the same page.

Adam Kol is joining me today.

He’s a former Tax Attorney and a Certified Mediator who is now focusing on helping couples working through some of their issues.

Today we’re going to take a situation and question from someone in the community.

In this episode we’ll look at:

  • Questions to ask to get your spouse to open up
  • How to use what-if scenarios to work through issues
  • Working to keep things open and honest so that you’re making the progress you want together

Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Hit Your Money Goals

If you two are looking to improve how you talk and work together with your finances (and lives), please check out these resources.

If you want to discuss talking with your spouse about money, ask questions, or share your own tips please join us over at Thriving Families on Facebook.

Adam Kol: Couples Financial Counselor

He’s a former Tax Attorney and a Certified Mediator who is now focusing on helping couples working through some of their issues as a couples financial counselor.

Adam is providing individually-crafted, fundamentally-sound Couples Financial Counseling and training.

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