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How Much Do We Need to Save for Retirement?

If you’ve used those free online calculator to find your retirement number, you probably were amazed at how much they say you need.

A million, two million, maybe more for just one of you.

How do you feel when you see those numbers?

Considering that 1 in 3 Americans has less than $5,000 saved for retirement, chances are there’s room for improvement.

Unless you’re living in denial about retirement, you’re probably dealing many of the hurdles couples deal with when it comes to saving and investing for retirement.

1- You have a full plate right now. As parents with two little ones, we always have something to do. We’re not complaining – this is really a fun season of life right now – but realistically our time and attention are focused around them.

2- Bills and debts. You may not be able to save more because there’s not much to give right now. If you have to pay credit cards, car loan, student loans and have a mortgage, your money is pretty much spent already.

3 – You’re not a financial planner. Hop online and you’’ll quickly see that there is endless free advice about what you should be doing. And it can be overwhelming at best and wrong for you at worst. Sifting through all that can be a mess.

Running the numbers is also difficult. Especially with one area of retirement that we have to deal with now – healthcare costs and insurance.

How do you know how much you’ll need years, decades down the line?

The answer is there is no way to perfect predict how much you need. But there are ways you can start drawing a plan that fits your circumstances and your goals.

Which is I’m happy Danielle Kunkle Roberts is here on today’s episode.

Danielle is the co-founder of Boomer Benefits. Boomer Benefits specializes in Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage insurance.

Which you may be thinking, I’m too young for Medicare, but I think she’s perfect because she has a close up of view of how prepared people really are for retirement.

She’s going to offer suggestions, ideas, and tips on what you can do now so you can be better equipped to handle the costs of retirement.

And how your health insurance choices now can help or harm you later.

In this episode, we’ll discuss:

  • Prioritizing your finances
  • How HDHP and HSAs work and when they are right for you
  • How HSAs can help with healthcare costs during retirement

Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Win with Your Money

Want to go ahead and tackle your big marriage and money goals? Here are the resources we mentioned in today’s episode along with some extras!

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