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Today we’re looking at how you can knock out a debt or two before this year wraps up!

Knock Out a Debt Quickly

Who doesn’t want to unload a debt before this year wraps up?

Paying off debt is usually one of the top three goals people make for the year, but struggle to achieve.

That’s not going to happen with you.

I want you to make some headway with your debt-free goals which why we’re finishing up with season with a call to action – we’re going to knock out debt.

Of course, to do this we need money.

There are three ways you’re going too free up money so to speak to pay off those debts faster:

  • Optimize your current budget
  • Consolidate your debts
  • Earn extra cash

We’ve talked about different ways you can save this season, with housing, cars, and how to bake in automatic savings so today I want to look at the other two options.

David Jacobs, VP of Consumer Lending at Coastal Credit Union, is going to talk about the differences between HELOCs and home equity loans.

If you going that route, you really need to understand how they work.

We’re also looking at using side hustles to earn that extra money. Can you really knock out your debts with a side gig?

Kevin is a member of our community and was kind enough to reach out to me about his experience. He’s done both delivery driving with GrubHub and ride-sharing.

What’s cool – at least to me – is that he’s an accountant in his day job. So when he did the side hustles he was tracking not only his earnings but expenses.

I think you’ll enjoy hearing his take on whether it’s a viable way to earn some extra cash.

In this episode we’ll discuss:

  • Understanding debt consolidation options with your home equity
  • Whether side hustles can be a smart way to earn extra cash to pay those debts
  • Ways to stay motivated

Let’s get started!

Resources to Pay Off a Mountain of Debt

If you two are ready to pay off your debt, here are some handy resources to check out:

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