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Whether you’re saving for emergencies, a vacation, or a house, you have to have some way to stash away that money.

We’ll look at some popular savings hacks and how to find the best savings option for you!

Are you saving up for something big this year? If you are, you have plenty of company. 

Fidelity released its 2020 New Year Financial Resolutions Study and found that 53% of those surveyed who were planning on working these finances had saving more as their goal

That’s great news considering on average, we’re not really saving enough. 

According to GoBankingRates when they asked more than 5,000 adults their savings balance, 58% had less than $1000 saved and 32% admitted to not having anything at all in their savings. 

That is a really vulnerable position to be in. 

So if you want to turn things around and really ramp up your savings, I think you’ll enjoy today’s episode. 

I’m sharing the best tips and stories from one of the super savers and favorite guests I’ve had on this podcast.  


Financial educator and Journey to Launch creator Jamila Souffrant and her husband saved over $80k  one year while living in NYC

More interestingly is how she was able to get him on board. Great ideas on how to approach not just the process, but enjoy the journey together. 

Joe Mecca from Coastal Credit Union and another super saver is also back on to break down his goals for this year and how he’s saving for them. 

In this episode we’re looking at: 

  • why your savings rate matters
  • Where and how to get started with savings in your budget
  • how to set things up so you’re automatically saving more while still enjoying life

Let’s get started! 

Want to start boosting your savings rate? Here are some resources to check out:

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